Stretch Marks & Scarring


Stretch marks, also known as striae, are a common cosmetic concern discussed in the dermatology clinic.

About Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks & Scarring

Over-the-counter creams and home remedies work well for some, but often these treatments merely help with discoloration and don’t effect the stretched and damaged skin. The elos Sublative strategically breaks up the scar tissue and damaged skin, inducing new collagen formation and resurfacing the skin surface for smoother, unblemished texture. The treated area is numbed prior to the procedure and most patients experience little to no discomfort. Throughout the series of treatments, you will notice a clear minimization in the appearance of both the red or pink coloring and the texture of the skin.

What should I expect during a Sublative treatment?

Bi-polar radio-frequency technology is administered to the skin through a machine tip which includes multi-electrode pins. These pins create a grid like pattern when applied across the skin, meaning only a certain section of the skin is actually being treated at one time. The skin left untreated around these pin dots is what will produce new collagen to “heal” the skin penetrated by the RF energy. Basically, the laser creates a controlled injury to the stretch mark which sends the area into a healing response in order to induce collagen and elastin production to the area.

Each patient is given a unique tip for their treatment to ensure the most sterile/risk-free environment for the patient.

What preparations should I take before treatment?

There are no major preparations required before the laser treatment, but you will want to avoid direct sun exposure to the treatment area for at least a week before. As well, avoid blood thinners, alcohol and smoking for at least 48 hours prior to the procedure.
As for the day of treatment, avoid all creams, lotions and moisturizers on the area that is going to be treated. Also, wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the body part(s) being treated.

Are there any side effects to the treatment?

The skin above the treatment area may have a reddish, sun-burnt appearance. This generally disappears over the next few days. The skin can become dry and itchy as it heals so we recommend using a gentle moisturizer on the area if this happens.

How much does it cost?

The Sublative treatment for scars or stretch marks will start at $200 (the cost of treating a surgical scar for example). A larger area such as stretch marks on the buttocks will cost $499 for a session. Ask about package pricing at your consultation!

The Difference ELEGANCE Makes

At Elegance Medical Aesthetics, we believe that each patient is unique, requiring his or her own treatment that is different from anyone else’s.  So much of the cosmetic industry is “over-hyped”  with clever marketing lingo that creates a confusing mess of services that may or may not be suitable for you.

That is why we take a standard medical approach with each patient. When you come in with something you’d like to change about your appearance, our first step is determining a proper treatment plan for you. This is done with a thorough consultation so we can listen to your goals and understand who you are as a person.