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ZO Pigment Control Blending Creme 2% HQ

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Product Details

ZO Skin Health Pigment Blending Creme helps even skin tone by inhibiting melanin production. It contains 2% hydroquinone, which is an extremely effective ingredient used for the treatment of pigmentation problems.


  • Gradual lightening of hyperpigmented skin conditions such as chloasma, melasma, freckles, senile lentigines and other unwanted hyperpigmentation.
  • The most effective over-the-counter serum for melasma.
  • Works well in combination with retinol products.
  • Best used in the complete anti-aging ZO regimen.

Key Ingredients

  • 2% hydroquinone: Suppresses pigment production
  • Glycolic acid and ascorbic acid: Purges appearance of surface pigmentation
  • Glycerin: Hydrates newly exposed skin
  • Saponins: Modulates the unwanted appearances from an inflammatory response

Other Ingredients

Aqua/Water/Eau, Cetyl Alcohol/Alcool cétylique, Glycerin/Glycérine, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Lauryl sulfate de sodium, Stearyl Alcohol/Alcool stéarylique, Glycolic Acid/Acide glycolique, Phenoxyethanol/Phénoxyéthanol, Sodium Metabisulfite/Métabisulfite de sodium, Caprylyl Glycol/Caprylyl glycol, Sodium Hydroxide/Hydroxyde de sodium, Chlorphenesin/Chlorphénésine, Disodium EDTA/EDTA de sodium, Ascorbic Acid/Acide ascorbique, Ascorbyl Palmitate/Palmitate d'ascorbyte, dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate/Acétate de dl-alha tocophéryle, Saponins/Saponines, Sodium Sulfite/Sulfite de sodium, Beta-Glucan/bêta-glucane.

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