Hair loss can be a frustrating issue that may impact our confidence and self-esteem. Male and female pattern hair loss is a genetic condition that affects a lot of us. Options, like prescription drugs, can be effective but carry the potential for unwanted side effects. Surgical hair restoration can be very expensive and does not treat the underlying medical problems. Now there is a more affordable way for you to regain your hair density without surgery or harmful side effects.


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment for hair restoration is a safe, non-surgical, and effective method for those experiencing thinning or loss of hair. Initially used about a decade ago by sports medicine physicians to speed up the healing process in damaged joints after injury or surgery, PRP is used today for various cosmetic purposes.

Science First
Recent research has highlighted the potential of PRP therapy for hair loss. In one study, researchers looked at men with male-pattern baldness who previously used approved medications but saw little change in their hair growth. After four PRP treatments, the patients had about 30 percent more growth in thinning areas. Other research has highlighted exciting evidence about the effects of PRP on hair count as well as hair thickness.
PRP hair restoration process
If you are considered to be a good candidate for PRP therapy, you will have a blood sample taken on the day of your appointment – the physician takes a sample just as you would have done when getting routine blood work. The physician will then put the blood sample into a centrifuge which separates the red blood cells from your PRP. The PRP is then separated out of the tube into a syringe which is then used to inject into the area of hair loss. The size of the needle is quite fine and should not produce too much discomfort. If you wish, the physician may apply a topical anaesthetic and/or ice to your scalp when you first arrive to help with any discomfort you may experience. The treatment itself will require between 45-60 minutes.

After treatment, you may experience some tenderness in the treatment area however, you can go about your daily routine and will be given instruction from the physician about things you should avoid.

What is the cost of PRP hair restoration and how many are recommended?

The cost of 1 treatment is $799.
Or, you can purchase 3 treatments for $1999.

Although each person is unique and will require a tailored treatment plan, we typically suggest 3 initial treatments with 4-6 weeks between each session. 

Can I use PRP therapy in conjunction with prescribed medication for hair loss?
Yes, this is not a problem! In fact, there may be added benefits to using both treatments in conjunction with each other.
Can you micro-needle PRP or serums into the scalp for hair loss therapy?
Researchers have compared the results of PRP to placebo groups and it was found that PRP itself was the cause of the hair regrowth and not simply the controlled injury that is done. This is why we do not recommend using anything other than PRP or a medically prescribed injectable medication from your physician. Serums and micro-needling have not been found to be as effective as PRP injectable hair treatments.